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You can earn £5.00 for every succesful referral you make* (See the Referral Tips & Guidance below)



- Log in and complete the Refer Friend section below
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- Your Referral Points are automatically added when your friend spends over £10.00
- Once your friends order is confirmed £5.00 of Kee Points are added to your account
- Your 'Referred Friend' must use the email address you provide below
- Referred customers must reside at a different address to the Referrer
- Referred customers must take delivery of their order at their own address
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Dear [Friend's name here]

Hi from The KeeDiet®, your friend __________________ has recommended you to our Weight Loss Service

_________ is a customer of The KeeDiet and believes you may be interested in our VLCD/Meal Replacement, High Protein, Low Carb or Ready Meal products and Weight Loss Plans.

As you would be a first time customer and have been referred by your friend you are entitled to receive £5.00 discount off your first order with us!  Simply spend £10.00 or more on your first order and enter the Coupon Code provided below at checkout to receive your discount.

Coupon: COUPONNAMEHERE | Provides: £5.00 Discount | Expires: 14 days from the date of this email

If you spend more than £10.00 on your first purchase your friend __________will also receive £5.00 in Kee Loyalty Points to use online at store.

Once your account is set up, you can also start recommending friends to add extra Kee Loyalty Points to your customer account.

Important Notes:
  • Code is applicable on first orders above £10.00
  • You must use the same email address provided by your friend for you both to get your bonus
  • You must reside at a different address to the referrer.
  • You must take delivery of the order at your own address.
  • You must pay for your order with your own payment method registered at your delivery address.

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