KeeDiet® Weight Loss Plans at a Glance

Whatever your goal, whether you want to lose a little or a lot, want to drop weight fast or take a more gentle approach, you’ll find a KeeDiet plan to suit you.

Enjoy our delicious Meal Replacement Range, Nutrisaveur Ketogenic or Weight Control Ready Meals and High Protein Supplements as part of a Total Food Replacement Plan, Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan to boost weight loss and aid a successful weight management.

Simply choose your plan, check our Medical Guidance and Visit your Doctor to get started on the journey of your life!

Compare the KeeDiet Weight Loss Plans below 

KeeDiet plans are absolutely FREE! With KeeDiet you can even design your own weight loss plan and still purchase our products. We are with you 100% to help you drop weight.

*A BMI 30+ is generally recommend when starting a VLCD / Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan. For those struggling with weight loss, a BMI 27+ may be permitted. Please speak with your Doctor for approval

MRP - Meal Replacement Product / VLCD - Very Low Calorie Diet / TFR - Total Food Replacement / BMI - Body Mass Index


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Type of Diet

Starting BMI

Daily Products
On all plans
Daily Water 2.25L - 3L

Food Required

Rapid Burn Plan 

600+ Daily Calorie 

27- 40 *

4 KeeDiet MRP Products

(Optional Salad/Veg)

Rapid Burn Plus Plan

750+ Daily Calories 

27 - 40 *

5 KeeDiet MRP Products

(Optional Salad/Veg)

Man Plan

600+ Daily Calories

27 - 40 *

4 KeeDiet MRP Products

(Optional Salad/Veg)

Fast Fix Diet Plan

Potential to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
800 Daily Calories

27 - 40 *

3 KeeDiet MRP Products (mixed with milk)

​(3 portions of Salad/Veg)

Social Plan
650+ Daily Calories
27 - 40 * 3 KeeDiet MRP Products

​(Lean Protein & Salad/Veg)

Lean & Low Plan
 Very Low Calorie Diet / Low Calorie Diet
800+ Daily Calories 
3 KeeDiet MRP Products
1 KeeDiet High Protein Product

​(Lean Protein & Salad/Veg)

New You Plan Low Calorie Diet
1000+ Daily Calories
20+ 2 KeeDiet MRP Products Yes
​(Selection of healthy foods including fruit)
5:2 Plan 2 Day Intermittent Fasting
600+ Daily Calories
20+ 4 KeeDiet MRP Products Yes
​(5 eating days)
Lifestyle Plan  Weight Management
1500+ Daily Calories
20+ 1 KeeDiet MRP Product Yes
*Before embarking on a KeeDiet Weight Loss Plan you must first visit your Doctor for approval and support.  

If you have a BMI 40+, are taking any prescribed medication (including some herbal) or have a medical condition, then it is extremely important that your Doctor is involved in your weight loss journey. 

Not all persons are suited to follow a VLCD / Ketogenic or Low Calorie Diet Plan and others need to take special care or make changes to prescribed medication. Please speak with your doctor to ensure your chosen plan is suitable for you.  Your long term health may be affected if followed without medical supervision.  

Regular health checks are advised. Whilst with your Doctor, make a follow up appointment for your next blood pressure check and weight loss review and attend regularly throughout your weight loss phase.

KeeDiet staff are not medically trained professionals. Any information provided by the KeeDiet online, telephone or in our literature is not intended to replace or substitute advice given by your doctor or a licensed health-care professional. 

Please see our Medical Guidance information to initially ascertain if you may be suitable to follow a KeeDiet Weight Loss Plan

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