The KeeDiet Occasional Fasting Plan

 2 Days = 4 KeeDiet Packs
 5 Days = Healthy Foods
 Steady Weight Loss 
 Weight Management Plan
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For gentle weight loss or weight management simply commit to using 4 KeeDiet Meal Replacement products on 2 fasting days each week and the remaining 5 days count calories or choose healthy foods.


32 KeeDiet Meals/Bars
£45.99 (£1.43 each)


64 KeeDiet Meals/Bars
£82.99 (£1.29 each)


Choose products for my 5:2 Fasting Diet Box

5:2 Intermittent Fasting Plan (IF)

By simply reducing your daily calories to 600 on the 2 nominated Fasting Days, women will drop their weekly intake by some 2,800 calories and men will drop their weekly calories by some 3,800. 

This solution supports weight maintainers who want to live without counting calories or for those who want to drop weight, providing an easy weight loss solution. See plan details below

KeeDiet 5:2 Fasting Plan
(Steady Weight Loss & Weight Management)

There is already much information documented on Intermittent Fasting in printed books and on the internet and we are not here to re-write this weight loss or weight management option.  

KeeDiet® are advocates of Intermittent Fasting for both a steady weight loss and weight management. Our 5:2 Ocassional Fasting Plan has been designed to support this amazing lifestyle solution.

If asked to quickly sum up the Intermittent 5:2 Fasting Diet, both women and men would simply eat healthy foods for five days of the week and for two days would reduce their calorie intake to around 600 calories. Using KeeDiet Meal Replacement Products on your 2 Fasting Days just makes the 5:2 Plan much easier.  Helping to satisfy your hunger, reduces planning, provides regular portion controlled meals and ensures you receive a minimum of 100% RI (Recommend Intake) of essential vitamins and minerals. 

As a chosen lifestyle choice, there is now also clinical research, promoting its incredible health benefits. When IF is done properly, it may help extend life, regulate blood glucose, control blood lipids, manage body weight, gain (or maintain) lean mass and more.

Typical Day following a KeeDiet®  5:2 Intermittent Fasting Day

Example how to use your (4) Daily KeeDiet Meal Replacement Products on a Fasting Day.  The remaining 5 days eat healthy foods or consider following our New You or Lifestyle Plan

Breakfast (1)

MRP Apple & Cinnamon Porridge


Mid Morning 

KeeDiet Water Flavour (2.5g Fibre per teaspoon)


Lunch (2)

MRP Cafe Latte Shake


Afternoon (3)

MRP Lemon Bar


Evening* (4)

MRP Cottage Pie



Check your water intake


Six Easy Steps to an Amazing Weight Loss

After your first purchase create a personal tracker in our Weight Loss Centre. Then join us on our Secret Slimmers Group for support, chat with us and other KeeDiet® slimmer’s throughout your journey.

 Enjoy 4 Daily Food Packs - Shakes, Soups, Meals, Bar.
  Fast for 2 non-consecutive days per week
 One bar daily maximum
 Use the Meal Planner Tool in our Weight Loss Centre to record your food intake.

Decide if you are going to count calories on your Non-Fasting Days or just eat healthy

There is a volume of healthy eating recipes on the internet and available in print. The basic concept of healthy eating is to choose a variety of different food groups, with the majority of your foods from those which are natural, whole and unprocessed.  Try to make healthy choices 80% of the time.

Provided below are some choices that we recommend on the KeeDiet® 'with food plans' that will hopefully help with your food choices on your non fasting days. Review your favourite recipes, give them a tweak and continue to enjoy them. Choose healthy cooking options, grill, poach, remove skin and unwanted fat.  Use fresh or dried herbs, spices such as curry or chilli powder, coriander, pepper, chives and parsley to enhance your meal, create homemade soups, both satisfying and filling. 

If eating in a restaurant you may wish to choose a lean beef steak or salmon fillet for an easier menu choice. This is often the healthy option as without sauce, or if you prefer something else, ask for the sauce to be on the side as these may be rich and sugar calorific.  Leave the bread roll and maybe have two courses instead of three.

The foods provided below are just an example, they are some of the leanest protein and lowest impact choices, affecting blood sugar levels the least.  You may mix your choices according to your menu and calorie allowance.  Further choices are in our online Meal Planner available once you have placed your first order and we suggest you investigate your plan and the literature provided online or from the 5:2 Diet book.

Protein Choices
  • Chicken, turkey, lean beef and pork
  • White fish (e.g. cod, haddock)
  • Oily fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel)
  • Tinned Tuna in Spring Water
  • Pre-cooked prawns
  • Reduced or Plain Plain Cottage Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Steamed Tofu
  • Quorn e.g. Pieces
  • Beans dried weight including: Soya Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas, Black Eye Beans, Aduki Beans, Pease Pudding, Haricot, Butter


Lowest GI / GL registering  vegetables / salad to accompany your meal 

Mix your Vegetable & Salad for variety and greater nutrition. The list below offers guidance and choice of some of the lowest gi/gl vegetables and salad that affect blood sugar levels the least. Remember, if wishing to add carbohydrates to your evening meal without adding potatoes, rice or pasta,try root vegetables or higher sugar content vegetables and salad.  Consider a portion of garden peas, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, sweetcorn, turnips etc. Using our Meal Planner can help keep you on track each day.

Alfalfa Sprouts 
Bamboo Shoots 
Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage (inc pickled)

Chinese Leaf
Green Peppers
Konjac Noodles

Lettuce (all)     
Spring Onion


Now add a portion of complex carbohydrates
Select healthy complex carbohydrate options

Refined (simple) carbohydrates are released into your blood faster causing your blood sugar levels to peek and drop quickly resulting in unstable energy levels and hunger. Generally, refined carbohydrates are in processed foods, white breads, pasta, cakes, biscuits, shop purchased meals and sauces.

Unrefined (complex) carbohydrates are a much better option for your carbohydrate allowance, containing fibre, B vitamins, calcium, iron, copper and Vitamin E, plus they provide a slower more suitable release of energy.  Leaving skins on carbohydrate vegetable foods slows down the absorption of the individual sugar units even further and is a healthy option to adopt.

For example increase your choice of vegetables and salad to those which are sweeter. For example: cherry tomatoes, peas, red/orange/yellow pepper, carrots, swede, butternut squash, sweetcorn. 

Calories in this section can vary so we recommend you consider weighing and get used to a fair portion size, or count calories as you go.

  • Baked Potato (skin included)
  • New Potato (skin included)
  • Sweet Potato  / Taro 100g
  • Parsnips
  • Brown/Basmati Rice, Couscous, Wholemeal Pasta, Pearl Barley, Buckwheat & Bean Noodles
  • Dark Ryvita /High Fibre Crisp breads/ Oatcakes
  • Mini Wholemeal Pitta, Chapatti 1 x Slice / ½ Roll - Granary Bread, Seeded Bread, Stoneground, Wholemeal, Rye, Burgen Bread


100 Calorie Fruit Guidance

Different fruits provide different health advantages, for example, some contain more dietary fibre, and others are rich in carotenoids, the chemicals that give fruit their colour and are often antioxidants. It is therefore suggested that you use a variety of fruit on your plan and for weight management. 

  • Apple - 1 x Medium - Approx 100gs - 47 Kcal
  • Apricot - 4 x Dried - 32g - 60Kcal
  • Banana - Half large - 60g - 57Kcal
  • Grapefruit - Half Medium - 80g - 24Kcal
  • Grapes - Small bunch - 100g - 60Kcal
  • Kiwi Fruit - 1 Fruit - 60g - 29Kcal
  • Mango - Slice - 40g - 23Kcal
  • Orange - 1 x Medium - 160g - 59Kcal
  • Peach - 1 x Large - 110g - 36Kcal
  • Pear - 1 Fruit - 160g - 4Kcal
  • Plum - 3 x Medium - 165g - 59Kcal
  • Raspberries - Fruit Portion - 100g - 25kcal
  • Strawberries - Fruit Portion - 100g - 27Kcal


Try nuts & seeds for healthy snacks

Nuts are excellent sources of fibre, Vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, riboflavin, niacin and iron. One ounce of nuts contains 165-200 calories and typically 14-21 grams of fat. We don't recommend large portions of nuts because of the high calorie content, but a little sprinkled on salads, as a snack or as part of cereal they are certainly a welcome addition to a healthy diet. 

Research has shown high protein - low carbohydrate diets to be more effective at reducing weight and are easier to stick to than simply low fat diets.  Going on a diet too low in essential fats is not the best way to lose weight - A certain amount of healthy fats are needed for the bodies essential functions, going too low on essential good fats can actually increase the risk of developing or aggravating gallstones and dieters may experience common side effect.  

Nuts and Seeds are a great option for a healthy snack, if you are concerned about the calorie content use portion control and make small snack bags of mixed seeds and nuts, or create a delicious healthy oil that you can cook with or drizzle over your salad and vegetables.

✔  Drink a minimum of 2.25 Litres (Approx 4 pints)
 Tap / Bottled / Still / Sparkling
 Sip through the day, not all in on go
 Additional to the water used to mix products

Use our Customer Hub Area to log your progress and weight loss and get involved with us throughout your journey.  Once at a BMI 20-23 or your target weight if higher ensure you step up to the next higher calorie KeeDiet® Plan (Lifestyle) in order sequence to ensure you stabilise and maintain your new lower weight for a successful transition to healthy eating and weight management.  Once at your optimum weight or BMI 20 many of our clients then switch to our Lifestyle Plans or 5:2 Fasting Plan for weight management.

KeeDiet 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan
KeeDiet 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan


How many KeeDiet® products each day


4 daily KeeDiet® Meal Replacement products

If you notice your daily calories dropping below 600 calories on any particular day we recommend you add a little skimmed, soya, or almond milk to your plan to make up the shortfall. 


Required Daily Additions (Must Have)


Recommend 2.25 litres of tap/bottled/sparkling water sipped throughout the day


Optional Daily Exchange


Exchange a KeeDiet Meal Replacement food pack for a Nutrisaveur Ketogenic Ready Meal


Optional Daily Considerations (Can Have)

Additional items listed may increase calorie intake.


1 additional (100 calorie / 5g Carbohydrate) KeeDiet® High Protein Product

Exchange 1 VLCD Total Mealpack for a VLCD Total MealBar

Exchange 1 VLCD Total Product for a High Protein Product


Herbal Teas Leaf/Fruit/Flower

KeeDiet® Water Flavouring source of fibre

200ml of Unsweetened Almond / Soya Light Milk or 125ml Skimmed Milk

Tablet Sweeteners

Dried/Fresh Herbs & Spices

Walden Farm Dressing, Dips, Sauces

I tbsp fat free (0-1%) dressing,

Extra sipped water

*Three times weekly 1tbsp of nuts/seeds or add a little nut/seed oil to your permitted salad/vegetables. 

 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

*Nuts/Seed Information

Safe Slimming and further information 
  1. The KeeDiet® comply with guidelines introduced by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence)
  2. This diet plan is not suitable for everyone for example children, those under 18 years old or pregnant or breastfeeding mothers (click here for further guidance). Please consult your doctor before starting any weight loss regime. If you have any health issues, are taking medication or have a medical condition you should consult your doctor to confirm this plan is suitable before commencing.
  3. We advise that you should visit your Doctor every four weeks to request a blood pressure and health check.
  4. You may experience some Common side effects in the early stages of this diet plan. These may include headaches and fatigue etc. If symptoms persist or you feel concerned, you should stop the diet and immediately seek medical advice.
  5. We recommend that no alcohol is included on fasting days and reduced on non-fasting days, alcohol is wasted calories and offers no nutritional benefits.
  6. Exercise forms an important part of your weight loss journey, and is key to your long term weight management. Gentle exercise only is recommended whilst your body settles down into the reduction in calories. High impact exercise needs to be powered by energy from food intake and this is obviously less while on most Kee Weight Loss Plans, so be realistic about what you will be able to achieve. If you are already exercising and consider yourself quite fit, take it easy for a couple of weeks and you may be able to regain somewhere near your current levels of exercise when you have settled into your plan or you may need to moderate it slightly until you are in weight management phase. 
  7. BMI should not fall below BMI 20 to ensure you remain in a healthy category.

The KeeDiet 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Plan

✔   Suitable for Men and Women
✔   Simple and affordable
✔   Steady weight loss
✔   2 Days fasting : 5 Days eating healthy foods
✔   Delivered direct to your door
✔   No Subscription required, No Direct Debits
✔   Fully Supported by our UK Customer Service Team

If we were asked to quickly sum up the Intermittent 5:2 Fasting Diet for weight loss.... both women and men would simply eat healthy foods for five days of the week and for two non-consecutive days would reduce calorie intake to around 600 calories. It really is that simple!  

The KeeDiet® simplify this well-known weight loss and weight management plan even further, by suggesting on your 2 Fasting Days both women & men consume four Meal Replacement products each day. Adopting this simple system will provide you with the required 600 calories, each fasting day you have four occasions to eat, which will help keep your metabolism working; high protein / low carbohydrate content KeeDiet® Mealpacks that will help control hunger pangs, cravings and allow you to enter fat burning.

The 5:2 Intermittent Fasting plan was not designed by KeeDiet, instead we provide support and an alternative option for your 2 Fasting Days. It is the most simplest way to follow the 5:2 Diet and ensures you receive 100% RDA of required nutrients on your Fasting Days for continued good health.  

Use our specifically designed 4 weeks or 8 weeks discounted Plan Bundle to choose your fasting day products and once purchased your Plan Bundle use our Customer Hub Area to log your progress and weight loss and get involved with us throughout your journey.  

KeeDiet 5:2 Fasting Plan Benefits:

Intermittent Fasting (IF)... Based on the work of leading scientists from around the world, and is an exciting alternative to standard dieting, calorie counting.

Intermittent fasting is nothing new. Humans have fasted for most of history, whether it’s during a typical overnight period, whilst sleeping, during extended periods of food scarcity, or for religious reasons, for example Ramadan when fasting occurs from sunrise to sunset.

What is new is that clinical research on IF’s (Intermittent Fasting) benefits for health and longevity is beginning to catch up. Recent data is reported to show that when IF is done properly, it might help extend life, regulate blood glucose, control blood lipids, manage body weight, gain (or maintain) lean mass, and more. The proposed benefits of IF in animals and humans reads like a laundry list of “look better,” “feel better,” “live longer” physiological changes.

Rather than something we’re forced to endure, IF is now becoming something that health and physique-oriented people are seeking out in order to keep their bodies in top shape and lose weight. With the concept promoted by the well known journalist and physician Dr Michael Mosely on a Horizon documentary on the BBC - Eat and Live Longer by Michael Moseley and the release of his book ‘The Secret to Intermittent Fasting’ consumers are now turning to fasting for two days a week as a concept to drop weight.

Following our structured Low Carbohydrate, Low Calorie 5:2 Fasting Plan

✔   Steady weight loss
✔   Combine healthy meals with Keediet Meal Products
✔   Promote a healthy lifestyle
✔   Easily fits around your lifestyle and excercise regime
✔   Promotes long term healthy eating habits
✔   Sense of well-being, increased energy


What is a Intermittent Fasting Plan?

With many documented health benefits the 5:2 diet is a super healthy choice and living style most can adopt and enjoy.

The 5:2 diet involves a pattern of intermittent fasting, it is so simple, you eat normally 5 days a week, if wishing to use the 5:2 Plan for a steady weight loss, decrease your daily calories from the recommended intake, womens daily allowance is generally 2000Kcal and mens slightly more at 2500Kcal. Then for just 2 days a week you fast (eating under 600Kcal each day).

By simply reducing your calories on the 2 nominated Fasting Days to just 600 calories, women will drop their weekly calorie intake by some 2800 calories and men will drop their weekly calories by some 3800. This solution supports weight maintainers who want to live without counting calories or for those who want to drop weight provides an easy solution, On the 5 non-fasting days, slightly reduce your calories from the recommended intake and choose healthy options.

Some people struggle on the fasting days to prepare low calorie food. But KeeDiet can help here, using our Meal Replacement products will make fasting days much easy!

Our solution is on fasting days you eat 4 of our meal replacement products, plus optional salad, vegetables and milk. With plenty of protein our meals are sure to satisfy your hunger, keeping you fuller for longer and you will feel well nourished with 100% of your recommended intake (RI) of essential vitamins and minerals provided. Simply purchase our 4 or 8 week KeeDiet 5:2 Plan  in our online store.